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About Us

Fatherland, a mission-driven global enterprise that fosters vibrant economic, social, and culture to increase opportunity for people of Africans worldwide.


FATHERLAND reveals how a group of people is bound geographically, culturally, linguistically, religiously, and economically in the challenging world for Africans and African Descendants. The concept is self-sustainable and self-determination to flourish and become a vibrant, courageous, and proud community for Africans and African Descendants worldwide.

Fatherland is a mission driven African creative global enterprise created to fulfil millions of people’s economic, recreational, educational, and entertainment needs by being a global community hub, cultural, art, faith, and tourist destination. It will achieve this by creating an innovative infrastructure enabling people to enjoy the ultimate African experience. This exciting project incorporates establishing Fatherland’s creative cities and centres in major global regions.

Highlighting the Fatherland Attractions

The Fatherland will showcase Africa, her culture, her values, and the different tribes, ethnicities, and religions, that make Africa that wonderful vibrant star that has always been. The Fatherland Creative Cities will empower visitors with every aspect of the African experience, in a delightful environment with stunning traditional African architecture, buildings and housing (including huts) from some of the countless tribes.

China Town Case Study

Chinatown’s identity is rooted in the history of the people and community-based, neighborhood-serving institutions. It emphasizes economic adaptation and its role in developing ethnic identity and discusses such problems as housing, employment, youth, gangs, and aging. Now, just as millions of Chinese people head to a metropolitan Chinatown because they are guaranteed that wherever it is in the world, it will share a particular standard structure, and they’ll be able to indulge themselves in centuries of incredible Chinese culture – elements which together, serve to act as a collective that reinforces identity, and provides a sense of belonging and unity, even for non-Chinese. Chinatowns also serve as a gateway to China.

Serving the Community

Fatherland sees itself as a voice for the African communities, serving all interests. It coordinates economic strategies with local city agencies, other stakeholders, non-profits, and neighborhood efforts that promote the community and its unique offerings. In addition, the stories of the arts, culture, history, and people working in Fatherland Cities will bring investment into the local communities and provide a rich experience for visitors and locals alike.

Teaching for the African context

UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural agency, has been advocating for multilingual education at all educational levels. Fatherland is at its center to preserve cultural heritage and pass traditions down to future generations. We are working with families and schools to start teaching children an identity clause called the Afrocentric curriculum, which will transform many children. Afrocentrism means the education provided is African-centered; children are taught to embrace who they are and where they’re from.

For generations, the minority migrants in the diaspora, like Indians who have taught their children to love their roots, reduced the crime tendency in their children. Moreover, they have passed down their language, values, beliefs, and traditions to their children with the same love they were passed down to them.

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